Delights of Delilah

"The Spider-Man Authority" posted to the Spider-Man Board the following interesting insight into the possible first appearance of the neglected villain, Deliliah.

Could the ever-lovin spider-man authority have found the real 1st appearance of the Deadly Delilah? I was reading through my back issues and found in Marvel Team-Up #102 featuring Doc Samson & the Rhino that someone Doc Samson knows named Dr. Delia Childress who could very well be her! She speaks out about Gamma radiation, she has a brace on her right leg.

Delilah could be the product of the power broker or something to that effect. As Doc Samson says to her, Delilah could be her nickname. Guess we'll probably never know since the Spidey creators would probably never touch on something so insignificant. Here are some pics, you can judge for yourself.