Ultimate Extreme Marvel Art

From the rediculous to the sublime. If you thought that Marvel was trying to get a consistent new look for its Ultimate line, then think again!

One month, we get Mike Allred, and the next it's Bill Sienkiewicz. That sure is one freaky mental leap to make! Mike's art is corny, verging on childish. Which pretty much suits the Bendis' clunky story. Bill's work is moody, angry, and dark - which pretty much suits the Bendis storyline in the following issue.

Hey, what's that? Bendis wrote both of these stories, in completely different styles as appropriate to the underlying art! Well, I guess that makes Mr. B a pretty clever guy. Of course, he had to dumb down pretty far to fit in with Allred's block color outlines.

In case you can't tell, I'll take Sienkiewicz's inky scratchy musings anytime.