But It Ain't Over Yet

Of course, Marvel isn't out of the woods by a long shot. Here's an extract from a recent press article posted at Comic Book Continuum and Mania.

Production of Fox's Silver Surfer animated series at Saban Entertainment has been halted, according to Barry Stagg, senior vice-president, corporate communications, for Fox Family Worldwide.

"All production on Marvel Entertainment shows has been put on hold pending resolution of their bankruptcy," Stagg said.

Marvel had a seven-year deal with Fox and Saban to produce at least four shows, with the Silver Surfer being the first. The Silver Surfer has been a ratings success in its first season, basically matching the numbers that X-Men had before it.

In addition to Silver Surfer, work has been halted on Captain America, which was being retooled creatively. In February, Fox placed both Silver Surfer and Captain America on its Saturday morning schedule for the 1998-99 season.