Tim Eimiller Defends The Shocker

A rather interesting debate has developed concerning the abilities of a certain Mr Herman Schultz, otherwise known as "The Shocker". The subject of the discussion is... "Is The Shocker a loser". The original Shocker profile on this page was rather damning of The Shocker - however a certain Mr Tim Eimiller lept from among the passive general audience to come quickly to The Shocker's defence. He claims that The Shocker's win/loss ratio against Spidey is as at least as good as most other villains.

Here is the Shocker's Win/Loss ratio as presented by Mr Eimiller.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #46 - Shocker defeats Spidey, Spidey later defeats Shocker.
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #72 - Their first battle ends in a draw, Spidey later defeats Shocker.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #151 - Shocker defeats Spider-Man.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #152 - Spidey is saved from Shocker's assault by two police officers, in round 2 Spidey defeats Shocker.
  5. Web of Spider-Man #10 - Shocker defeats Spidey. Spider-Man is saved by Dominic Fortune.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #335 - Spidey defeats Shocker.
  7. Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #3 - Shocker defeats Spidey. Spider-Man is saved by a Scourge imposter.
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #364 - Shocker escapes Spider-Man, Spider-Man defeats Shocker.

Total score is 5 victories, 2 draws, and 5 defeats - a 50% success rate. I guess that's not too shabby against Marvel's greatest super-hero.