Lo Spazio Bianco's 50th Anniversary Spidey Celebration

I've been exchanging some emails with Davide Occhicone who helms an Italian comics-oriented website called Lo Spazio Bianco (which translates as "The White Space," I believe). He has been assembling a tribute to Spidey's 50th anniversary. According to Davide, "We will publish "again" Amazing Spider-Man #1 re-drawn and colored by Italian artists. More, we will have essays and a few interviews (Peter David, Bob McLeod, Mark Bagley.... interviews will be the only things we will publish also in English, all the other essays will be in Italian, sorry!)"

I can vouch for the fact that the re-drawn cover of ASM #1 by artist Pino Rinaldi is very cool and the tribute looks like it's bursting with good stuff. So settle in, brush up on your Italian, and check it out!

Oh, and Davide also took my review of the first story in Amazing Spider-Man #1 and translated it into Italian. That's also on the site and can be found right here.

AND Davide informs me that they will have a quiz contest on November 23rd. Winner will take home Pino's original drawing. So, again, get working on your Italian!