ASM #700 to Feature Steve Ditko Variant Cover

Recent news of Amazing Spider-Man #700 being the final issue in the legendary series might be hard to swallow, but maybe the fact that Marvel will be utilizing the unused cover that Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko drew for Amazing Fantasy #15 will help long time Spidey fans choke down the bitter pill.

A number of sources have confirmed that the famous unused drawing will be used as a variant cover for the final issue of ASM. As the story goes, the reason that Ditko's drawing was never used for Amazing Fantasy was Stan Lee's doing. Instead of using Ditko's art, Stan opted to commission the much more famous Jack Kirby to draw the now iconic cover of Amazing Fantasy #15. Lee himself recounted his decision in an interview years later, "I must have thought that the book would have a better chance of selling if Jack did the cover."

Amazing Spider-Man #700 will be a 103 page double issue and will hit news stands in December of this year. Check out the original Steve Ditko cover in full color below.