Random Roundup - Feb 3rd 2010

First up in our random news round-up. Mike Mozart from Jeepers Media has a YouTube channel where he reviews the worlds crappiest toys, including many Spider-Man toys. I suggest you start with his Spider-Man Bow & Arrow and continue from there.

Also on YouTube, NYC comedy group Elephant Larry offer us a sardonic take on Behind the Scenes of Spider-Man 4. It's kind of bitter and twisted, but it's worth a giggle.

Of course, that clip was produced before the news that the Spider-Man franchise was going to be rebooted at the hands of director Marc Webb. If you're the kind who enjoys speculating about cast and villains, then you might be interested in Flicksided's Top 10 Candidates to play Spider-Man in the new movie.

Alternatively, if you're the kind who prefers to unravel the past rather than try and forecast the future, you could be interested in this Comparison of the Voice Actors of Spider-Man Cartoons from "Behind The Voice Actors".

Jack Kirby fans (and there's many of us out there) may or may not know that Marvel is currently taking another crack at getting their hands on a larger chunk of Kirby's creations. Personally, regardless of who's right or wrong in law, I find it's hard not to support the little guy when the big corporations come out swinging.

Finally, some bad news. It seems that Spider-Man was arrested late last year. SciFi Wire has the full story.