Welcome Back to Marvel Adventures

A week is a long time in comic books. Our earlier article Farewell to Marvel Adventures has been quickly superseded by a follow-up newsflash that the Marvel Adventures line is going to receive a reboot, a revamp, and a relaunch as a two-title microverse.

According to the folks over at Newsarama, Marvel Adventures is back on sale in April with two new #1s. First up is "Spider-Man Marvel Adventures #1". The second is "Super Heroes Marvel Adventures", which will feature Iron Man as the major star of the first issue, but subsequent issues are set to feature the Avengers in general.

Paul Tobin (the guy who could be held partly responsible for the recent demise of the current Marvel Adventures line) is back as writer for both titles. The books will start as a bumper-sized issue for $3.99, then will drop back to a regular $2.99. The first issue of "Super Heroes" will have a variant cover. Ah... variant covers... just the thing to appeal to the kiddie market, eh?