New Classic Villain Action Figures Coming from ToyBiz

At the July 2003 San Diego Comic Con, ToyBiz displayed some of their upcoming action figures including the Marvel Legends line, and Spider-Man classics. Of particular interest for Spider-Man fans is a fantastic new Doctor Octopus from Marvel Legends Series 8, which is expected sometime around January 2005. The previous Doctor Octopus sculpt has been reused several times over the past few years. This one boasts a sculpt closer to John Romita Sr's art, and has articulated tentacles.

In the Spider-Man Classics #10, the Ultimate version of the Lizard is currently the figure to find. Also, Snapshot Spider-Man has become a fan-favorite, with super sculpt and articulation.

A 6-inch version of the Scorpion is coming soon to the Spider-Man Classics series, first seen at the February International Toy Fair. At the SDCC, an upcoming Sandman figure was unveiled along with a Alex Ross inspired sculpt for a Spider-Man figure. That Spidey should go well with the Ross-inspired Green Goblin released in the Marvel Legends Sinister Six boxed set. We'll see the full line of Spider-Man Classics next February at the next International Toy Fair. For more info, check out Raving Toy Maniac