Spiderfan Supports Mark Millar

When Mark Millar, writer of Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, asked Spiderfan for our assistance, who were we to say no?! Though Mark was originally given the MK Spidey story as an opportunity to write outside of the flow of the main storylines running through Amazing and Spectacular, he soon discovered how emotional dedicated fans can be about matters of plot continutity. So, he turned to us, as the writers of the Spider-Man Encyclopedia with our collective knowledge of all things Spidey and access to any issue, to proof his upcoming scripts. It's been an honor and a priviledge to be a part of construction of these stories, and we sincerely appreciate Millar being the type of writer who cares enough to ask.

Along the way, I sheepishly asked artist Terry Dodson if he could remember Mary Jane's trademark dimples and cleft chin - a trivial request, I know, but at the same time, they're one of her most distinguishing physical characteristics. Terry promises us they'll be back by Issue #7!

Anyway, we're sworn to secrecy about what's coming up in this mystery of "What happened to Aunt May?" But we can say that some great comics are on their way. We even helped push a long-time character into the grave! But we've said too much already.

So if something doesn't sound right in MK:Spidey, don't get mad at Mark - blame us!