DF Premieres Bust For Charity!

The guys at Dynamic Forces asked us to inform you of the following..

Morbius Bust Set To Raise Money For ACTOR

December 11, 2003, Runnemede, NJ - Continuing their charitable relationship with the ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots) Fund, Dynamic Forces announced today a bold new step in the creation and premiere of an exclusive fund-raising bust!

"ACTOR has estimated that DF has helped raise over $50,000.00 for the Fund to date," said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces. "In talking with Jim [McLauchlin, President of ACTOR], I mentioned doing an exclusive bust premiere. He loved the idea, so we locked Morbius into the slot, and we're a go to raise even more money for this truly worthy cause.

"ACTOR Comic Fund has been able to do a world of good for a great number of deserving creators," said McLauchlin. "The only way we're able to pull this off is with the help of generous folks such as those at Marvel and Dynamic Forces. Personally, I've been a fan or Morbius ever since I had my dog-eared copy of Amazing Spider-Man #101. I'll be ordering one of these, myself."

From his first appearance back in 1971 in Amazing Spider-Man #101, Dr. Michael Morbius has been trying to take a bite out of Peter Parker... literally! Now, thanks to Dynamic Forces and ACTOR, this Bust is premiering exclusively through ACTOR, with proceeds set to go to the charity. Retailers and customers will find ordering information for Morbius in the March issue of Previews, and available now for pre-order on the Dynamic Forces website (www.dynamicforces.com)


Standing just under 9" tall, close to 10" front to back and 8" side-to-side, designed by Chris Lauria, sculpted and painted by Joy and Tom Snyder, Morbius is dripping with ghoulish detail. From the blood in his outstretch palm, to his cold, inhuman eyes, this ACTOR Exclusive Premiere Bust is a must-have for your collection!

$89.99 Suggested Retail Price.