Comics Buyer's Guide Review

Two features of note in CBG #1569 (that's Comics Buyer's Guide).

First, in their Reading Room (review) section, the Pick of the Week is the Spider-Man Encyclopedia, with a grade of A. The "Pro" comment is "Marvel gets it". The "Con" comment is "They still owe us a Hulk." A great little review (which unfortunately does not mention Jonathan) with quotes like "It's not perfect but it's as close as anyone has a right to expect (and probably more than anyone DID expect after the Hulk debacle)" and "It might be forgivable if The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man and The Spectacular Spider-Kid were not listed but they are. They are under Tim Harrison and Ollie Osnick respectively. Again it might be forgivable if one had to hunt for them but their better-known titles are listed in the index. Way to go, Marvel!" and "The Spider-Mobile has a full page. THAT'S the kind of thing buyers of an encyclopedia want to see."

(I would refer everyone to the CBG website for this but looks like it's one of those subscription deals. Anyway, you get the idea. If you want the entire review, which is fairly short, you'll have the grab the Guide if you can.)