Peter Parker: Spider-Man Cancellation Details

A couple of months ago we featured details we'd gathered on the future of Spidey's titles next year. We particularly hazy on the the future of the current title, Peter Parker: Spider-Man, helmed by Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham. It seems though the titled will be cancelled as part of the coming revamp. Here are the details:

  • Peter Parker: Spider-Man is definitely not part of the revamped Spidy line-up.
  • Paul Jenkins will reportedly end his run on the title with issue 50.
  • Zeb Wells will apparantly take over writing chores for 7 seven issues, taking the title up to it's cancellation.
  • The revamped set of Spidey titles will appear mid 2003.
  • Paul Jenkins will be writing one of those titles, possibly with Humberto Ramos on pencils.

At least, these are the vague details we've managed to gather. In the end we'll just have to wait and see!