Spider-Man: The Movie: The DVD

It's here... the DVD! Released world-wide November 1st, read it fresh here. The movie, the features... the whole darn thing.

From what we've been able to figure out there are at least 3 flavours of the DVD you can purchase:

  • The regular 2 Disc set. The full features of which we've mentioned before.
  • A 4 Disc box set. The regular set plus Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels and the CD Sountrack.
  • A 3 Disc gift set that includes the regular edition, Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels, a reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15, a lithograph and a film cell. This edition is limited.

And according to a story in the New York Post, the Spider-Man DVD sold $190 million in it's first weekend of release, smashing the old record (set by Monsters Inc.) by almost 50%. A Columbia spokesman is quoted as saying that a full 40% of the initial DVD pressing sold between Friday and Sunday, and with a full 7 weeks till Christmas they're obviously thrilled.

Go Spidey!!!!