Movie Trailer (Spoilers)

Just in case you missed it, the Spider-Man movie trailer is available now for download over the Internet. The full version is 21Mb. You can find download details at

The trailer starts with a bank heist, from which the culprints flee by helicopter. Their escape route threads through the streets of Manhattan, until they attempt to pass between the two towers of the World Trade Center, where they encounter a rather sticky problem.

Then we cut to a shot of Spidey in his fancy new costume, and a few seconds of Spidey swinging in his inimitable fashion.

So is it any good? Well... it doesn't have the hard edge feel that the X-Men trailer projected. If anything, it's slightly retro - and just a little bit cheesy. But that's Spidey, right?

For me, it works. I'm not anticipating a movie that's going to shock me, or challenge my perceptions of the world. I'm looking for a couple of hours of make-believe escapism, and all the signs seem to suggest that's exactly what we're going to get.