Hosting Hiccups

There's currently a few changes afoot at our regular hosts, Sigma.Net. We've been with Sigma a long, long time, and things have been real kind, but they're currently having a rethink on their directions... which means that maybe we should start looking for a Plan B.

The Spidey page takes around 350 Mb on disk, and chews through up to 20 Gig of traffic each month. The dynamic content is CGI/Perl. If you think you could provide us with a home, then maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement.

We're not into banner ads, but text links on each page would certainly be an option. We service at least 10,000 site visitors each month, and we're certainly prepared to be creative to find a working solution, as long we can retain our independence.

[Ed - Of course, Sigma.Net finally went bust, but we found a new home...]