Spider-Man by Activision

Let the games commence! As I'm sure you all know, Activision is releasing its new Spider-Man game for Playstation and Nintendo64 very, very soon (in fact, you can pre-order the Playstation version at amazon.com.

The Playstation playable demo is available on CDs stuck to the front of Playstation review magazines everywhere. Reports have ranged from favourable to raving. For example, Electric Playground had this to say...

Every conceivable element of Spider-Man seems to be thought through; from climbing up, down, left and right to upside down, all with perspectives that capture the true nature of Spidey. With simple controls and combinations for web-slinging immediately to the ceiling, swinging from building to building, firing web-blasts, and power punching and kicking, this game thrusts gamers into the role of Spider-Man with effortless ease.

For more on-line info, check out Activision (distributor), Neversoft (authors), Playstation (platform), or your favourite on-line games site, which will doubtless have something to say about the matter. Almost worth buying a Playstation for, although I was planning to hang out for a Dreamcast...

Rumour also says that Activision is planning to release a new Spider-Man game for Color Game Boy at the same time. Check out IGN's review at http://pocket.ign.com/previews under "S". Unlike previous Console & PC Games, this one reckons they have finally gotten some the Spider-Man movement figured out. Should be good to see.

It's also great to see that Activision understands the nature of the Internet. Instead of trying to fight the fan sites, they're using their heads for a change. They have an "Asset Pack" available for download, with screen shots, logos, and cool artwork, so that you can get a jump start on making your own Spider-Man Playstation 2000 fan site. Now that shows some real net-savvy on their part. Good thinking, guys!