Artistic Arrangements

Apparently, the proposed combination of Howard and JR JR as writer/artists on both title fell through. Sources tell me they will now be the team on ASM and the new PP team will be Paul Jenkins (writer) and Mark Buckingham (pencils), starting from Issue #20. One suggested reason for the original plan not following through was that JR JR might be pencilling Amazing bi-weekly for a few months.

Of course, this is fantastic news. Anyone who read the recent Jenkins Death of The Chameleon story which started in Webspinners Tales Of Spider-Man #10 would have to agree that this guy has the perfect credentials for a spot writing Spider-Man. Paul Jenkins of course was also the mastermind behind the recent Inhumans 12-part story under the Marvel Knights banner. That was a great piece of work too.

As for Mark Buckingham? He worked on Dr. Strange for a while, while at the same time doing work on the Batman books and Titans for DC. Other than that, he was Chris Bachalo's longtime inker in the late 80's-early 90's period.

If you're quick, there's an interview with Jenkins about the new Spider-Man spot over at Marvel Online.

[Ed - Too slow! The site is long-since dead.]