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Blue (when normal), glows with discharging electricity (when transformed)


Wears striped shirt with red overalls




5'9" (estimated, when normal), 8' (estimated, when transformed)


145 lbs. (estimated, when normal), 420 lbs. (estimated, when transformed)


Electricity manipulation, such as absorbing and releasing high amounts of voltage, size transformation granting him enhanced strength




Spark originally appears to have possessed minor abilities to manipulate electricity, such as surviving lethal voltages. The Painter enhanced his abilities, enabling him to transform into a large form with superhuman strength and durability. In this form, he could release bursts of electricity. Initially, he could only assume this form with an additional boost from the Painter, but he quickly learned to make the transformation on his own

Strength Level:

Average human level for his age and body type when in normal form, undetermined levels when transformed, it's possible that he is stronger than Spider-Man


Great strength (when transformed)



Created By:

Tony Isabella, Alex Saviuk, Keith Williams

Current Occupation:

Currently imprisoned in canvas painting in Manhattan

Dual Identity:



Unknown, presumed high school graduate or equivalent level of knowledge

Former Bases:

Manhattan, New York City

Former Groups:

Avant Guard (Painter, Bora)

Former Occupation:

Performance Artist

Known Allies:

Bora, Painter

Known Confidants:


Legal Status:


Major Enemies:

Spider-Man, Human Torch

Marital Status:

Single, possible former lover of Bora

Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Unknown, presumably Spark is not his real name, it is more likely his stage name

Usual Bases:

A canvas painting for now


The man known only as Spark was initially a performance artist, although he was uniformly panned by critics and audience alike. The enigmatic man known as the Painter recruited him, along with the mutant known as Bora. The Painter performed a mystic ritual, which joined their three spirits, granting him inspiration, and granting the other two amplification of their powers. Spark may have fallen in love with Bora.

Spark first used his powers in an effort to enhance his performance, even adding Bora to the stage, but continued to be panned. When the Painter first transformed him into his more powerful form, he quickly ran out and attacked his former audience. The Painter teleported him back before Spider-Man could overpower him.

Spark, along with Bora, encountered Spider-Man on a few other occasions before being tracked by Spider-Man and his ally, the Human Torch, back to their lair. Spark and Bora were again defeated, but were revived by the Painter. However, when the fighting began again, the Painter grew bored with this venture, and trapped Bora and Spark as fixed images on his canvas, as outlined in the Art Attack storyline.

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Cover Date Appearance Information
Mar 1991 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #74
Apr 1991 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #75
  Origins told.
May 1991 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #76

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 Posted: 2002
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