Black Fox

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The Black Fox sports a large and well-groomed white mustache.






152 lbs.


None of the super-human variety but the Fox is quite adept at scaling walls, and breaking and entering without triggering alarms. Remarkably so, considering his age.


Various, hooks, grapples, glass cutters, wire cutters, suction cups, smoke grenades, flash grenades, and rope in a weapons pack appropriate for his trade.


The Fox is twice the age of any of his opponents. As a cat burglar, he is ill-equiped to deal with direct assaults, particularly by super-beings. He has no offensive weapons. He tires easily and is prone to cowardice, though he can often use this to his advantage.

Strength Level:

Normal human



Created By:

Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Josef Rubinstein

Current Aliases:

Mr. Fox

Current Occupation:


Dual Identity:

Known to international authorities


Unrevealed but clearly very educated

Former Aliases:

Mr. Nussbaum, Raul Chalmers

Former Bases:

Continental Europe

Former Occupation:

International Jewel Thief

Known Allies:

Andre Bouillion, the Super-Apes, Spider-Man

Known Confidants:

Andre Bouillion (His fence, now deceased)

Known Relatives:

Mother, possibly a wife and children

Legal Status:


Major Enemies:

Silver Sable, Chance, Prowler, Dr. Doom, Spider-Man

Marital Status:

Possibly married

Place of Birth:


Real Name:


Usual Bases:

New York City


The Black Fox is a cat burglar of the old school who, for thirty years, made a living and developed a legendary reputation for himself. Now in his sixties, he yearns to pull off one last big heist so that he can retire for good to the French Riviera. It is, unfortunately, at this time that he starts to run into super-beings. He first encounters the Red Ghost, who is so afraid of Spider-Man and others that he needs a replacement to lead his super-apes on a robbery. From there, in quick succession, the Fox runs afoul of Spider-Man, Silver Sable, Black Cat, Chance, the Prowler, and Dr. Doom.

In each situation, the Fox is way over his head. Having no fighting skills to speak of, the Fox is always ready to surrender but has been rescued by Spider-Man time and time again, only to convince Spidey to let him go. His sob stories about his poor wife and children or his poor deceased mother are effective but invariably fabrications. In each instance, Spider-Man ends up feeling like a dupe. However, in their last encounter, the Fox made the mistake of assuming he could pull off the same trick. This time, Spider-Man carted the Black Fox off to jail.

Years later, Black Fox was shown to be an ally and former mentor to Felicia Hardy. He accompanied her in several heists and instructed her in burglarizing the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange. Later he was attacked and robbed by Lily Hollister, who was calling herself Queen Cat. Queen Cat was looking to capture Black Cat by luring her into a trap by stealing items that BC had stolen herself. Black Fox had been guarding the gems and promised to see her dead after his beating. (Black Cat (vol 4) #4)

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 Posted: 1997
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