Weying, Anne

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light brown




115 lbs


all those of Venom


symbiote, other...*a-hem* features


Repeated bonding and unbonding to the symbiote, as well as the post traumatic stress of her dealing with Spider-Man, Venom, and the Sin Eater made her mentally unstable


all those of Venom

Strength Level:

normal (as Anne Weying) Venom level (as She-Venom)





Created By:

David Michelinie, Mark Bagley

Current Occupation:


Dual Identity:



law school

Former Aliases:


Former Bases:

34th street penthouse

Former Occupation:


Known Allies:

Spider-Man, Venom

Known Confidants:


Known Relatives:

Eddie Brock (ex-husband)

Legal Status:


Major Enemies:

also Spider-Man and Venom, Sin Eater

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Anne Weying

Usual Bases:

six feet under


When Anne Weying met Eddie Brock, she thought he was he was intelligent and witty, with a boyish charm. That ended after he was disgraced in the Sin Eater debacle, during which Eddie lost his job. This drove a rift between Eddie and his father, Carl Brock. Eddie tried to gain his father's approval but the latest failure finally created a permanent rift between father and son.

Soon after being fired from the Globe, Eddie was bonded to the alien symbiote and became Venom. Anne filed for divorce and tried to stay out of the public eye, tired of being hounded by reporters wanting to interview "Mrs. Venom." Her peace and quiet was disturbed when she was visited by Spider-Man, who was looking for any information that would help him find his kidnapped "parents." (See: Harry Osborn.) Telling him everything that she knew about her ex- husband made Anne wonder if she had really helped Eddie as much as she could have. She hailed a taxi and went to the ruins of "Thrill World," Eddie's favorite amusement park.

She was stunned to see what her ex-husband had become and tried to convince him that he had a choice in his life. He didn't have to be Venom. Her advice didn't have a chance to sink in, as Brock was attacked by Silver Sable's Wild Pack, who had been hired to bring him in. The typical battle royal broke out, and Anne was nearly crushed by a falling Ferris Wheel. It took the combined strength of Spider-Man and Venom to keep her from being crushed. That incident, plus Anne's outrage at Eddie's stubborn insistence to kill Spider-Man forced Venom to offer a truce to the web slinger.

Meanwhile, a video game company created a game based on Carnage, which enraged Brock and ended badly for Kasady. Afterward, the president of the video game company was put on trial for the damage he inadvertently caused, and Anne was his attorney. The trial was interrupted by the attack of a new Sin Eater, who killed the president of the video game company and badly injured Anne. She was sent to the hospital and was protected from the return of the Sin Eater by Venom.

Venom and Anne escape, and go to an old fallout shelter, where the symbiote goes to Anne and heals her. Eddie, helpless without the symbiote, is attacked by bums and nearly killed when She-Venom puts a hurting on them. Eddie is shocked by the violence, which is odd since its nothing that he hadn't done before. (I guess without the symbiote affecting his mind, violence wasn't so appealing.)

Anne kills the bums, and is disgusted by what she did after the symbiote left her. She runs back to her apartment and is taken hostage by the mother of a young woman that Eddie met while looking for Carnage. (The young woman, Kristin, was dating what Venom believed was a a sleazeball druggie named Clive. Venom decided to put a scare into Clive, who fell down a stairwell and was paralyzed. Kristin's mother just happened to be a hit woman, and she went after Anne to draw out Venom as payback for injuring her daughter's boyfriend.

Venom fights Sin Eater, then goes to Anne's apartment, where he is taken down by Kristine's mom. (Huh?) Eddie tells the symbiote to go to Anne, and mom and She-Venom fight. Sin Eater shows up, the symbiote returns to Eddie, Sin Eater gets blown up and mom gets knocked over the head by Anne. (You can see why the 90's Venom comics were not so great.) Next time, Anne is taken into federal custody in order to draw out Venom, but Anne calls Eddie and tells him to stay away. Eddie sends her the symbiote via the phone line and She-Venom takes care of business. Spider-Ben gets involved somehow.

In her last appearance, Anne is in her apartment, too afraid to leave. Ever since the symbiote bonded to her, her life was a nightmare. Her stablity didnt improve when Eddie came back and wanted to have a relationship with her again. She begged him to leave, but instead he threw open the blinds on her windows to brighten her apartment. At that moment, Spidey was swinging by, wearing the black costume. The sight terrifies Anne, and Eddie promises to take care of the problem for her. Seeing the symbiote covering her ex-husband drives Anne over the edge and while Venom is battling Spider-Man, she jumps from her window.


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 Posted: 2007
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