Spider-Man Books (Misc Movie Tie-In)

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These are the handful of story books tied in to the recent Spider-Man movies for which we don't have a dedicated title. Note that most of the kids junior novel and picture/story movie tie-in books were published by HarperCollins and hence are filed under Spider-Man Books (HarperCollins).

Note also that that various movie novelizations have their own dedicated title Spider-Man Books (Movie Novelization).

If you're looking for Activity, Coloring and Sticker books related to the movie they are filed separately under a number of "coloring/activity books" titles, e.g. Spider-Man Color/Activity Books (Paradise), Spider-Man Color/Activity (Funtastic), and Spider-Man Collectable Sticker Albums.

Plus there were also two audio books released for the second film, which are filed with our Audio items under the Spider-Man Electronic Audio Books title.

  Spider-Man: Behind The Mask Of Spider-Man
Review:     [5 Webs] by Lord Byron
Summary: Secrets of the Movie (Paperback)
  Spider-Man: Behind The Mask Of Spider-Man (Special Edition)
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Extended Version (Hardback)
  Spider-Man 2: Caught In The Web
Summary: Dreaming Up The World of Spider-Man 2
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Writer: Mark Cotta Vaz
  Spider-Man 2: The Movie Souvenir Book (UK)
Summary: Movie stills, poster, puzzles, and some stickers.
Publisher: Alligator Books
  The Spider-Man Chronicles
Summary: The Art and Making of Spider-Man 3
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Writer: Grant Curtis
 Title Level: SM Core Title
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)