Spider-Man Electronic Audio Books

 In: Audio
 Title Level: SM Core Title
  Spider-Man: Night of the Lizard (Touch 'N' Listen)
Publisher: Golden Books
Pencils: Mike Wieringo
Inker: John Lowe
Original Script: Paul Patterson
  Amazing Spider-Man: Follow That Spider (Play-a-Sound)
  Spider-Man 2: Play-a-Sound (Movie Tie-in Sound Book)
Publisher: Meredith Books
Editor: Jennifer Dorland Darling
Art Director: Mick Schnepf
Illustrator: MADA Design, Inc.
Contrib. Writer: Amy Bauman
Designer: MADA Design, Inc.
  Spider-Man 2: All in a Night's Work (Movie Tie-in Sound Book)
  Spider-Man 3: Movie Tie-In Sound Book
  Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Snapshots (Play-a-Sound)
  Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Super Villain Showdown
Summary: Storybook with detachable audio-sounds "wrist-watch".
  Here Comes Spider-Man! (Play-a-Sound) Large Format (2011)
Summary: Popup Book & Play-a-Sound Torch
Small Format (Gift Box)
Small Format (Gift Box, 2014)
Large Format (2016 Version)
  Amazing Spider-Man: (Play-a-Sound, 2012)
  Spider-Sense Spider-Man (Play-a-Sound)
  Spider-Man: Spectacular Spider-Powers
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 In: Audio
 Title Level: SM Core Title