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Name: Richie Laskaris (E-Mail)
Status: Single with no criminal record.
Current Position: Former Head Proofreader
Occupation: Librarian
Year of Birth: 1978
City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Review Credits

Spider-Man Alternate Universe One Shots: SM2 Movie Adaptation, Movie Adaptation

Spider-Man Unlimited: #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22


I'm a budding librarian out of the University of Toronto. As a former follower of Spidey's adventures, I reviewed most of SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED (Vol.1) until it got canned. Around the same time, I reviewed Star Trek: DS9 and Star Trek: Voyager episodes elsewhere. Nowadays, I restrict myself to reading books/novels (it comes with the studies), watching all brands of Trek, and occasionally proofreading Peter Parker's Pad.


Books of any kind. Gave up actively collecting comics around 2000, with exceptions for the odd novelty comic such as CHASM: GUARDIAN OF GRAND CANYON #1.

Why Spider-Man

I started on comics so early, I don't recall what my first issue was. It was probably an ASM in the late 100's. My childhood was filled mostly with mainstream Marvel titles from Spidey to the X-books. Towards the end of my collecting years, I added some Image, DC, and Vertigo titles to my pull list, most notably the new STARMAN by Robinson and Harris.

I used to buy comics every week, and after a while, I noticed the "to read" pile was only ever getting bigger; I had gone from reading my comics immediately to dumping them on the pile. After the pile grew to about 100 issues, I knew I had become a comics fan only in name, and called it quits.


My favorite Spidey issues are pretty much all the ones from the late 80's, when I was at my collecting peak. I've always loved the FANTASTIC FOUR VS THE X-MEN limited series...SECRET WARS...MARVEL specials, annuals, etc. Chris Claremont on the X-MEN, Chris Bachalo on GENERATION X and DC'S DEATH limited series. I became a huge fan of STARMAN to the point of trying to construct my own Cosmic Rod (it never happened). Kurt Busiek's ASTRO CITY and Scott McCloud's UNDERSTANDING COMICS and REINVENTING COMICS are definitely up there on my list, too.

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