Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 2) #3


Spidey has just met the Green Goblin of Counter-Earth (a wacky good guy), and has found a source of income in freelance photography for the Daily Byte.

Story 'The Brute'

As Daily Byte editor Mr. Mineo pushes Peter to add more variety to his photography beyond just Spider-Man pictures, Pete accepts a challenge to get pictures of "the Brute". Tagging along with Counter-Earth's Reed Richards, Pete discovers that here Reed is an egotistical snob who appears to be a sycophant to the Beastials. The two attend an exclusive party "up top" where the Beastials live. While Peter is confronted to have his ID chip scanned, the Brute crashes the party. Spider-Man and the Brute fight and fall onto Reed's hover-car. When Spidey wakes up, he sees he's with Karen O'Malley and Bromely the human resistance fighters. There, he discovers the secret of the Brute.

General Comments

Though still simple and geared for kids, this story started to reminded me a bit of Mutant X where you wonder how the various Marvel characters will translate in the alternate world.

Overall Rating

Two webs.