Marvel Comics... now Cheaper than Ever!

...but unfortunately, not in a good way.

I've recently started to notice that a lot of the brand-new Marvel Comics I get from my dealer, the ink on the cover is really poorly attached to the paper.

For example, I just finished reading "New Avengers (Vol. 3) Annual #1". I held the comic for five minutes while I read it, and where my thumb was touching the cover, the black ink has worn off during that time and left a white thumbprint.

Equally, a lot of my brand-new comics arrive with worn spines where the ink has rubbed off just from being packed in a stack. The other problem I've notice is white spots where the color has simply "fallen off" the cover.

Has color technology really gone backwards so badly in the past few years? Or is some accountant back at Disney Studios just saving some money on printing costs?