Mile High Makes Good

My personal experiences with Mile High Comics has been a bit touch-and-go in the past. I've raved before about Mile High Club Disappoints. For those new to the show, my specific complaints about Mile High are:

  1. They double all the prices on their site, just so they can run 40% discount sales. It's confusing and unnecessary.
  2. On all three occasions where I have ordered a batch of comics that include variant covers, they have sent some incorrect variants.
  3. On the first two occasions, my emails to complain were either ignored, or received a "oh, yeah, we'll look into that" and no further response.

But in the interests of being fair, I must now report that when my most recent batch of comics arrived with incorrect variants, I did actually get the problem resolved. Byron at MHC's customer service department leaped straight onto things, and shortly afterwards a second parcel arrived with the correct variants.

Despite their problems, I still go back to MHC from time to time. But I'd offer the following advice:

  1. Their free shipping offer is excellent, especially for overseas if you spend over US$100. So save up and purchase in big batches.
  2. Get subscribed to their email list, they send out codewords that provide discounts. You should only buy when there's a secret codeword sale going on.
  3. Always check guide price on any comic over $5. Most of their top end comics are massively over-priced, even when discounted.
  4. If you order variant covers, it's kind of random which variant you will receive. Even if you write explicit instructions on your order and describe which variant you want, they probably won't read it.
  5. If you email to complain and get no reply, then pick up the phone and call them on 1-800-676-6423. If in doubt, ask for Byron... he'll take care of you.