Spider-Man No More...

I love Spider-Man (in a manly sort of way). But recently, I've found it difficult. Something has happened to him. His history has been mistreated. He's acting out of character. The stories aren't fun anymore.

I've concluded that it all started with Spider-Man: Chapter One. That's when they started messing with Spider-Man's history. Then there were good and bad and average stories, until a man named J. Michael Straczynski showed up (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #30). I'll admit, his stories are creative, and there are some memorable moments, but it's just not Spider-Man.

Already his first arc re-wrote history: Peter Parker did not become Spider-Man because of an accident - the spider chose him. In "Happy Birthday", Spider-Man re-visits past events, thus slightly changing the way they happened. And then? Then there was pretty much one major event/change after another. It's just much easier to make a list:

  • Changes - Gets organic webbing and ability to talk to spiders.
  • Sins Past - Gwen slept with Norman and had his babies before being killed.
  • New Avengers - Spidey joins the Avengers, becoming a team player after pretty much being a loner all his life (with the exception of Marvel Team-Up and some other occasions).
  • The Other: Evolve or Die - Peter dies and is re-born.
  • Civil War - Spider-Man Unmasks.
  • Back in Black - Because of unmasking, Aunt May gets shot. Peter goes back to the black costume.

Perhaps, after 3 years, we'll get some standard, old-school stories after "Black is Back"? You know, something that doesn't have to be an "event" which is hyped months before the comic hits the shelves. Nope. We're getting "One More Day", which probably involves either Peter and MJ breaking up, or MJ dying (heck, she could be a Skrull for all we know).

All I'm trying to say is that Spider-Man is just not fun anymore. One event after another - it seems like Marvel is constantly thinking of new ways of screw up Peter's life, and by doing that squeeze some extra money out of it. Sorry, but this is not Spider-Man anymore. It's more like the current Daredevil.