Back in Blah

Although I have excepted the fact that movie tie ins must be done in the comic world, I still find the "Back in Black" Storyline ahead a stomach turning event. Why you ask? Simply put, Because it is an event. Cival War, Hulk War, Ultimate Secret Wars the list never ends, everything has to be an event, every issue is suppose to be some life changing aspect to the character that will never let the character be the same again...


If anything this is yet another attempt at giving us bells and whistles [Deaths, Wars, Secret Identities being given out] because they can't seem to give us a good story any more. So were in this world they created, where after a issue comes out it immediately is hiked up in price about 600%, Not to mention all the different covers.

Add up those covers: First Print... Second Print... Third Print... Variants... Hmm what's this like...Oh X-Men 1 in 1991 which ended up being worth nothing because there were so many of them, their covers truly didn't matter in the end. Same with Batman Knightfall.

I hate the trends in comics, That's the point, The movie Tie-ins, The basis that every issue has to be a grand life-changing aspect, The hike of the comic value because of it and all the covers that follow.

Whatever happened to a good storyline one that changed the characters forever but we didn't know that then... Like Venom's First appearance? The first appearance of Mary Jane? sure we had the death of Gwen Stacy back then, hyped up for sure,but that was worth it and was done with respect to the readers by not so obviously trying to leech more money out of us with more covers - and it always is in Spidey's mind.

But screw that, for sack of a horrible storyline Stacy is easy, giving it up to Osbourne and having his kids. Yea right. Oh well they needed a life changing event for the month Blah.

Back in Black...Get real Marvel you've always been in the black since you learned to leech so much money for a product that is all hype and mostly never pay off. and if you don't believe that you probably believe Captain America is dead.