The Not-So-Ultimate Spider-Man.

Now, I know alot of people are upset with how long it takes Bendis to set up a story and move it along. My problem with him, however, is his endings. Let me ask you, when was the last time Spider-Man actually managed to save the day without having his butt kicked in some other way?

I think the last time was when the Green Goblin attacked his school. Long time ago, huh?

Poor Petey seems like the victim of fate these days, just being thrashed and thrown around, only to start the same thing again in the next issue. One of the best examples of this was in the Warriors story arch. Spidey had a perfect chance to come out on top and save the day, but instead he got thrown out a window and puked on.

Now, I'm not asking to see Spider-Man standing on top of a pile of defeated villains. I'm just asking that he actually makes a difference for once. Remember the first time he beat Doc Ock? I was thrilled when the people clapped for him and he beat Ock. I walked away from that issue feeling happy, even if he did get grounded after that. I still love that story arc.

But ever since then, all Spidey's few victories are laced with a sour town of failure. He thought Nick Fury would own him, Eddie "died", who knows where either one of the Osborns are, Black Cat puked on him... You get the idea. I wont even get started on that little story about Doctor Strange and Peter's never-ending nightmare.

And I bet the current Clone Saga will end on the same note. I'll he happily surprised if Peter comes out on top. (Hell, I'll be really happy if the clone of Gwen Stacy can stay too. I just liked Gwen and it's good to see her again, but I doubt she'll stick around for too long.)

I know one of the reasons everyone loves Spidey is that they relate to him. He has problems and failures just like the rest of us. But seriously... His track record is getting pretty bad.

Bottom line every one: We wanna see Spider-Man win once in a while. It's about time the poor guy got to do a good job as a hero.