Spider-Man Unmasked? No Way!

Spider-Man has willingly unmasked himself to the world. Not in a million years did I think...

I know, I know, you've heard it all before but, I have to put in my two cents. I think right now, all those Spidey fans who didn't drop Amazing after Sins Past, will now do so after this move. Big Al Sj... (never could say his name right) said it perfectly. What happened to great storytelling and simple rules. I'm not trying to harken back to the golden days of Spidey, but it would make sense that if he's got so many damn bad guys gunning his back, plus so much at stake, he would NOT reveal himself to the world. At least, if Spidey would've done so, he would only have done it in secret, and he would NOT hunt down other heroes and punch Captain Frickin America in the face!

It's as if Spider-Man suddenly forgot the numerous times that throughout his career that he's been hunted, judged, despised, like an animal. As if he's forgot the hate so many villains have for him. I understand the loyalty he feels to Stark. But I really can't accept that "the science brain that Peter so frequently abuses by not using" as Stark refers to it, would do something so radical that suddenly turns MJ, Aunt May, and anyone Spidey's ever cared about as #1 hit list targets.

A couple of years ago in the Best of 2001 Wizard, they said the most improved character was Spidey. That Marvel managed to tell stories that mattered and reminded fans of who and what Peter was about, without meaningless epic changes. (I'm paraphrasing of course.) Five years later, we've gone through Sins Past, The Queen, House of M, The Other, and now Civil War. Painfully ironic that they've managed to do the opposite.

The most ironic thing's gotta be that Mark Millar wrote the MK Spider-Man line that showed the heights certain villains will go to make Spider-Man yield and cower. And now, after that precautionary tale, Peter makes the Ultimate 180.

I gotta ask, you think Quesada took Mackie's place as the most hated man in Spidey's history?

No doubt the reveal has potential. But I still can't wrap my mind around Spider-Man actions of late. Am I the only one who thinks that any normal Joe wouldn't do something so stupid?