Metal Cards

  1996 Spider-Man Team Metal #1
Story: “Spider-Man”

Here's a pretty weighty set of Spidey cards. There's only four metal "cards" in this non-collectable set produced by Team Metal in 1996, but they make up for their lack of numbers by being somewhat more rugged than most sets.

They're still readily available on eBay, and at comic conventions, so there's no excuse not to add the 1996 Spider-Man Team Metal set to your budding Spider-Man card selection. It makes up in sheer novelty value for what it lacks in other areas.

Next Time: Spider-Man on regular playing cards.

[Editor's Note: Actually, this was the last "Rave" I wrote about Spider-Man trading cards. I never did get around to writing about Spider-Man on regular playing cards — in fact it didn't take too much thinking to convince myself that playing cards didn't qualify as "Collectible Cards & Stickers" and hence were not in scope for my collection or the site.]