Mystery of the Goblin's Capture

Warning: This rave contains SPOILERS FOR Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12.

There was some confusion as to the events that transpired surrounding the landmark capture and exposure of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin. Since Norman Osborn's first appearance in 1964, he has evaded authorities despite his many crimes including the murder of Gwen Stacy and Spider- Man's clone, Ben Reilly. After his return from "the dead", Norman has maintained that he was never the Green Goblin, depsite the reporting of Ben Urich. But finally, this watershed event took place first in the pages of the Pulse #5, as Luke Cage, furious that the Goblin nearly caused the death of his unborn baby, attacks Osborn in full public view. Norman puts on his mask but is knocked out before he can defend himself. Osborn is outted as the Goblin, and goes to jail.

However, in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1, the Green Goblin held eighteen people hostage in a church, demanding Spidey kill himself on live TV. We witnessed Spider-Man capture the Green Goblin, leaving him hanging upside down in webbing for the police to take him away to jail.

So what happened? Did Spider-Man or Luke Cage take him down before his arrest? Which came first? It was important in the plot of the Pulse for Luke Cage to see some justice after the Goblin's murders at Oscorp and attempt at the life of the pregnant Jessica Jones. But Spider-Man fans would be disappointed if Spidey wasn't involved in this victory against his arch-foe too. To alleviate the situation and help clear up the confusion, Mark Millar added a line in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12, to allude to the events that transpired between the two stories. On top the George Washington Bridge holding Mary Jane prone, the Green Goblin demands that Spider-Man "pick up where he left off after {he} escaped from Cage." So, there you have it! Luke Cage knocked him down, but somehow he escaped and got into full costume on a Sunday where he made an insane attack against Spider-Man, ending their so-called truce.

Unfortunately, we still have another plot gap. MK:SM #12 ends with the Green Goblin escaping and avoiding recapture. Yet in Spectacular Spider- Man's Sins Present storyline, Norman's still in jail. Does he get recaptured? This will have to be resolved another day by another writer.