The Predictive Power of Spider-Man

Back in 1977 in Amazing Spider-Man #167, it seems Len Wein or Ross Andru had their spidey-senses tuned to garner a glimpse into the future. Seems years before he played Uncle Ben, actor Cliff Roberston graced the pages of Spider-Man on a movie marquee. The movie: Obsession, the story of a New Orleans businessman whose "life is shattered when his wife and daughter are tragically killed in a botched kidnap rescue attempt," according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Looks like the writers were more or less making a passing allusion to Spidey's failed rescue attempt on the kidnapped Gwen Stacy.

For more weirdness for those who like to look for weird connections, Cliff's real name according to the IMDB is "Clifford Parker Robertson III"!!! So not only does he have "Parker" in his name, but you can also associate his name with major supporting character Joe "Robbie" Robertson! It was destiny to cast him!