Quick Opinions

I've got no problem about not-punch pulling. Good, intellegent debate about comics has been part of the fun ever since some kids in the Golden Ages started argueing on whether Captain Marvel could beat Superman.

I've got some different opinions than others, but hey who hasn't?

One such opinion is my appreciation of Humberto Ramos... I suppose the fact I justify his art stems from two roots. 1. I was always irked how in the 90s practically everyone, and I mean everyone on every single Spidey book was aping Tod McFarelane. and 2. His run on Impulse with Mark Waid is like, well my favorite comic ever.

I admit Ramos' art tends to be hit and miss from character to character, but well... I really, really love his takes on guys like the Green Goblin and Venom. I also love how much he manages to make Spidey emote behind his all-concealing mask. And besides, I was walking through a toy-store a few weeks back, and while looking through an assortment of Spider-Man Toys, that one of the figures (I think the Spider-Strength one) had that distinctly sort wide-eyed/yet kinda squinty at the same time look to it, and immediately thought to myself "Dude, it's the Humberto Ramos Spider-Man Action Figure!" I mean really how many artists have that kind of recognizability?

And while I'm at it, I might as well fire off a few quick opinions.

  1. My new pet peeve. People on message boards, comic sites, mailing lists, etc. who think that they're somehow witty or clever to make up nicknames for people in the comic industry they don't like. Examples "Thudd Winneck," "Quemas."
  2. Andi Watson & Bill Jemas's Namor is the book that Trouble should have been. Light hearted, beautifully drawn, & Charming. And it's got lots of fanservice for the female readers. Not that beefcake's my thing... really it's not. A perfectly good diversion from the ultra-testosterone-filled world of Superhero slugfests.
  3. I have a Mangaverse Spider-Man actionfigure on my book shelf. No real reason, haven't even read the miniseries (which people seem to love or hate), just like the little guy. And he really looks at home hanging in between Guilemon, and Char's Zaku II S.
  4. I love Jim Lee, I love Jeff Loeb but... Hush is really one of the most overrated/over-hyped books to come down the pipeline in some time. Not bad mind you... but the story ultimately wasn't up to par with The Long Halloween or Dark Victory.
  5. You know what would be a great fit for the Tsunami line? Powerpack. Really, I'm serious.
  6. You know, the one thing that always bugged me about Spider-Girl? (Aside from Tom Defalco...) Her costume. May's a perfectly good character, but she deserves her own costume. Get her out of the fricken' Ben Reilly Costume already!