Two Sulks - Identities & Villains

Two sulks I need to get off my chest. For starters, I hate all the stuff about Parker's secret identity, and I have done for ages. Is there ANYbody who does not know who Peter Parker is? Goodness, even Kraven knows now. Look, it worked in Daredevil and Iron Man, revealing their identities... but in Spidey, that would suck. It wouldn't make sense (why couldn't the villains just blow Aunt May away if that happened?).

The writers try and make suspense by unmasking Spider-Man, AGAIN, but now it's not even uncommon for everybody to know. It was okay for Chameleon to find out, but I have to admit, it was about then the whole unmasking thing got a little bit OTT. I mean, does the Black Tarantula know what Peter looks like too?

Ultimate Spidey is even worse! EVERY major character in Ultimate Spidey, except May, knows who Pete is, or what he looks like. ALL of SHIELD (Whaaa-aaa-t?), ALL of the Ultimates, the X-Men, the Fan 4, ALL of his villains except Kraven. I mean, what? Is Bendis just trying to ruin all previous years of Spidey mythos by saying 'Secret ID's' don't matter?

Sulk number two. Villains. You know the score. All of Spidey's villains are nothing more than shadows of what they once were, except for Goblin.

Hobgoblin (who is my ALL-TIME favourite villain!) is in limbo land (I know he is planned to return -- can't happen soon enough!), Vulture is a HERO?!? and a joke to boot, Chameleon is deadalivedeadalive?, and Doc Ock is a mere shadow of his former self.

A good writer, like Jenkins, brings him back and makes him cool again, but then his entirely personality is stamped upon by rubbish like Quality of Life and Get Kraven. I mean, what? Please, even Venom is nothing compared to his original Michelinie writing. We need classic villains back -- say what you will about Morlun and Fusion; at least they made good appearances, were memorable and in their context, scary and interesting respectively. Most of all, Mysterio needs fixing. And we need a clear up on Mad Jack.

Whew, VERY long rant over. I have followed Spidey for 17 years; I've seen a lot of good stuff go (Gerry Conway) and bad stuff come (Mackie) and go (thanks for being who you are Jenkins! My third favourite Spider-Writer!). I'm glad to read the Spider-Verse right now...