Oh, Me of So Little Faith!

Editor's Note: This is reprinted with permission of the author from the Spider-Girl Message Board

Believe me, I thought Spider-Girl was a goner.

I guess I was so pessimistic because I had gone through the Thunderbolts revamp and didn't believe Marvel could be dissuaded.

When the news broke on Friday, March 14, I sent a letter to Marvel that evening to tell them I wouldn't buy any more comics from Marvel if they cancelled Spider-Girl. After all, last December I dropped Peter Parker: Spider-Man, in January I dropped Avengers because I thought the title was drifting, had too many characters, and wasn't as good as before. In February I bought my last Thunderbolts because of the revamp. I was ready to drop all my comics if Spider-Girl, the only comic left I really enjoyed was gone. I wrote six more letters that weekend to Marvel's top brass and sent them off.

Wednesday, March 19 was quite a day for all of us. On that day the solicitations for June came out, and there it was, the final issue of Spider-Girl, a story set 15 years in the future, wrapping up the series. I thought it was hopeless. I went to my comic shop, bought what I thought was my last issue of Ultimate Spider-Man that ended the Venom storyline, and cancelled my entire pull list, which was down to Ulitmate Spider-Man, Amazing, and Spider-Girl! That's right, I cancelled Spider-Girl, but I told the guy I would come in and buy the final issues. The shop requires three monthly titles for a pull list, and I refused to buy any further Marvel comics except for Spider-Girl!

Later that evening we started the war, Bush came on TV and my thoughts went to matters more important than comic books. I thought I would read a few more Spider-Girl comics, and then give up buying them forever, only enjoying back issues in the future.

I am so relieved now. Last night we had some great news. I've come back from the comic shop where I bought Spider-Girl, turned on the internet and read the good news from Tom! I have written my thank you letter, I'll print one to Joe and one to Bill. They are back in my good graces, and I'll go back to the comic shop tomorrow and re-instate my pull list! With extra copies of Spider-Girl, which I will put to good use. I put that in the letter, as well as a suggestion that they put more Spider-Girl trade paperbacks in the stores. I suggested reprinting the first trade, more early issues, and the Season of the Serpent story that just finished.

Now the best part, I can read part 6!

Long live Spider-Girl!

Thanks everyone for the letters you sent! We did it!!!