No Joe Q? The Bright Side

There are rumors swirling around that Joe Quesada will leave his position as Marvel's Editor-in-Chief when his contract expires and there are two solid camps with strong opinions about this. Some are urging Joe to stay on mostly out of fear that Marvel's books will deteriorate without him. Others say Joe should do what he wants and Marvel will get along. I side with the former.

Looking at Spider-Man alone (seeing as this is and all), the books have been so strong of late that it's easy to forget what they were before Joe Q. took over. Here's a nasty little reminder: John Byrne's "Chapter One", "The Gathering of Five", "The Final Chapter", The Resurrection of Aunt May, The Pointless Reboot of the Core Books, The New Spider-Woman, The Whole Senator Ward Mess, The "Death" of Mary Jane, The Incomprehensible Story of the Stalker, Howard Mackie on Two books. Need I go on? No one in his right mind wants to go back to that again.

Now look at what the Spider-books would lack, most likely, if Joe Q. had never taken over. There'd be no Ultimate Spider-Man. No Tangled Web. No Brian Michael Bendis. No Mark Bagley. No J. Michael Straczynski. No Ron Zimmerman... Hey! No Ron Zimmerman! Hmmmmmm.

You know, on second thought, I think Joe should do what he wants. After all, Marvel will get along.