Joe Wants to Know!

Over at the Spider-Man section of, Marvel's Big Cheese, Joe Quesada, poses a question for the die-hard Spider-Man fans that gather in nicely packed clusters through the magic of the Internet. He'd like to know what to do about Tangled Web. The comic offers a unique complementary side dish to the main course of Amazing and Peter Parker, yet sales aren't top notch. So, what should Marvel do to keep the title running and boost sales?

Send opinions over to me, Mike Fichera, and I'll gather them to send over to Joe.

---------------------------------- Posted by Joe Quesada on Wednesday, July 31 2002 on

You guys are the hardest of hard core Spidey fans and we find ourselves in a predicament at Marvel. That predicament is called "Tangled Web." In my mind, and in the minds of many of us at Marvel, TW has some of the best Spidey stories EVER! Sure they don't have Spidey front and center but it's damn good Spider related stuff. Unfortunately, TW finds itself as the low man on the Spider-Man sales totem pole. So the question is this, what can we do to make it more appealing to fans? We've thought about perhaps longer arcs instead of one shots, perhaps a name change, we're just at a loss? So I figure who better to ask than you kids, right? I'm sure that many of you aren't picking up the book for one reason or another, at least not in Spider-Man numbers.

So what are we doing wrong?

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