Spiderfan.org Hits the Airwaves!

With all the hoopla surrounding the debut of the Spider-Man movie, Spiderfan.org got pulled into the hype with two radio interviews and a live spot on CNN! First, Spiderfan.org staffer Mike Fichera appeared on AM station WGST broadcasting out of Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, May 7. Tom Hughes, host of Atlanta's First News, got Mike's reaction to seeing the film opening night, what he thought about Tobey Maguire in the role, and if he thought Spidey was just a passing fad (sure, a 40-year fad!).

Next, our own Will Harrison represented the site, appearing on CNN during a live debate with a Star Wars fan. CNN's Daryn Kagen pitted Will against Larry Ramirez, founder of "Star Wars" Society of San Antonio. Though Larry came armed with a life-sized stuffed Yoda, Will was well-equipped with the knowledge of what was the better movie of 2002.

Finally, Mike was back again on the AM airwaves. This time, on Friday, May 17th, Mike was on the Mitch ("Tuesdays with Morrie") Albom show broadcasting across the US out of Detroit. Mike was up against Justin from Star Wars Online in another live debate. Mitch made them both prove that they were "the ultimate fan", and debate why each had the better movie, the better villain, and the better leading lady. Mitch called it a tie, but that's only because Mike was merciful in holding back the "Jar Jar" bomb.