Scarlet Spider Action Figures!

The second of the two KayBee Toys exclusive Spider-Man action figures are now available. Following the Spider-Man 2099 repaint comes the Scarlet Spider. Scarlet was originally part of the second assortment, but was replaced by Daredevil. He comes with a cloth shirt, wrist web-shooter bracelets, and ankle pouches. Unfortunatly, there's no belt. Why the belt was omitted is a mystery. The action figure also comes with a reprint of Web of Spider-Man #118, Part 1 of The Exile Returns. His base is the same as the original red-and-blue Spidey with slight paint differences.

Though this appeared to be the last of the 6" Spider-Man figures this year unrelated to the movie, ToyBiz announced at the International Toy Fair two more waves of figures this year including Doc Ock, a demonic version of the Hobgoblin, the Lizard, and several Spidier-Man variations sculpted with influences by various artists including one that appears to be based on current Peter Parker cover artist Rodney Ramos. Check out Ra ving Toy Maniac for pictures.