Eight Little Words

There weren't many words in the recent "Nuff Said" issue of Amazing Spider-Man but eight of them formed a single sentence that was one of the best things to appear in the comic for quite some time. The sentence had nothing to do with the story and yet everything to do with the story. It marked a departure in Marvel's policy that was years overdue. It may have been included in response to the exposure caused by the upcoming movie but hopefully will endure long after the movie is relegated to video. It showed up again in the latest issue of Peter Parker: Spider-Man giving rise to the hope that it will eventually appear in all Spider-Man issues from this time on. The eight words that form the sentence are, of course, "Spider-Man Created By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko". Now, if only the same thing would be done for Jack Kirby and all of his Marvel co-creations. "Nuff Said" indeed!