Dear Marvel Marketing Department,

I understand the need for hype particularly in a publication specifically designed to solicit orders like Diamond's Previews. But do you think you could refrain from plugging Marvel Mangaverse #1 with "Due to it's the (sic) stunning success, The House proudly announces the return of the Marvel Mangaverse!... You thought his Marvel Mangaverse book-ends rocked...etc. etc." when these books haven't been out long enough to garner any sort of reaction at all, or Spider-Man's Tangled Web Vol. 2 with "Collecting three critically-acclaimed stories..." when, at the time of this quote's appearance, two of these stories hadn't even been published yet? I mean, don't you think it sort of casts a bit of doubt over all of these kinds of statements when the hype is so obviously false? Yes, I know. Hype is hype. But still. Just a thought. Thanks for listening.