Spider-Girl Loses The Plot

Is it just me, or is Spider-Girl is really starting to get tangled up in its own web? Tom DeFalco has been adding more and more characters, with more and more plot potential... and then doing nothing with them! Everyone is skulking around with mysterious motives, and nothing is happening!

The action is skimpy, and the characters just keep tripping over each other. Nope, TDF has lost the plot completely.

For example. In issue #37 we have new characters in Felicity, Felicia, and Julia. We have emotional interests between May and Normie, Normie and Raptor, Brad and Helen, Brad and May. We have Jimmy stalking May, Phil stalking Normie. MJ is sick, Normie is "gone bad", Kingpin is back, we have two bad guy leaders, three super-villains, four super-heroes (if you count Normie, Raptor and two Spiders). And what does Tom do with all this? What action do we get? A slap-dash three page fight scene?

Nope, this guy is just piling on the loose ends, and risking a severe case of reader boredom in the process. This is NOT working, Tom! Sure, it's OK to spend an issue developing plot lines. Maybe. But even then, there's usually some sort of message, or something to hang interest on. But here - the months pass by and nothing happens. And that ain't right!