Nothing To Say

Yes, I admit it. I find pleasure in complaining. That's why the Mackie-Byrne issues weren't a total loss for me. They may arguably have been the worst Spidey stories ever but the gripes they engendered were as good as they get. But what's there to complain about now? That the broken neck given to our hero by Fusion in Peter Parker: Spider-Man turned out to be an illusion? (Yeah, that was a little disappointing but everything leading up to it made the whole story worthwhile and how else could you resolve it all anyway?) That this Morlun guy in Amazing Spider-Man is looking a bit derivative and uninteresting? (This comment, written before reading ASM #33, may already be obsolete.) That the Green Goblin in Ultimate Spider-Man was a boring brutish character that did nothing but enhance the appeal of the original? (He was, but the appearances by the Kingpin, the Enforcers, and Electro since have been so good that I'm willing to forgive the bad Goblin.) Hey, I even like Ultimate Marvel Team-Up!

As a friend of mine says, "I'm so disappointed. Things have turned out so much better than I expected." And they have. So, continued success to JMS, JR Jr., Jenkins, Bucky, Bendis, Bagley, and the rest. Keep going like this and you'll leave me with nothing to say. Wouldn't that be a pleasure?