Happy Days are Here Again!

Is it just me, or are things great.

I mean, the quality of what we're getting in Spidey right now is overall so much better than we've had it for many years. Here's a few points to back up my argument, just in case you needed any convincing:

  1. Core Spidey: Mackie is gone, and Jenkins and Straczynski are finally doing something new and fresh. The regular pencils of JRJR and Buckingham are both well up to scratch. Both writers have solid contracts.
  2. Ultimate Spidey: Has been critically acclaimed, and a real commercial boost for Marvel, in terms of public hype, and the trade of back-issue comics.
  3. Spider-Girl: Received a boost when fans staged an unprecedented successful bid to rescue it from cancellation.
  4. Joe Quesada: Is smart, talented, savvy, loves talking to fans, is creative, and has an eye for fellow talent.
  5. Tangled Web: After a quiet start, shows every sign of being as rewarding as Web-Spinners was.

The only weak are is Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, which has certainly had a disappointing start. Who knows what Bendis is up to there? Bendis certainly has a breadth of style, just look at the difference between Ultimate Spidey and his recent work on Daredevil. It looks like he's trying to something different again here, but I just can't see what.

Oh well, in my current positive frame of mind, let me suggest that it will shape up or ship out, just like the last two failed attempts (Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 2) and Spider-Man Team-Up) to ressucitate the long-running and successful Marvel Team-Up title.