What's In A Number...?

Check out this banner from Amazing Spider-Man (Vol.2) #30... or should that be... Amazing Spider-Man #471?

As promised, Joe Q. has introduced to Spidey the little touch that he brought to Daredevil, the addition of the number that the issue would have bourne, had the title not "rebooted" to #1 as it did in the month of January 2000.

The Y2K hysteria has been and gone. Many expected a great deal of fuss and excitement when the clocks reset at midnight. The former Spidey Staff decided to buy into the hype, and reset Mr. Parker at the start of the new millenium.

Well, the hangover's over - and quite rightly, many people are starting to ask... "well, what was all that about?"

You know, there's really a whole ton of #1's around. Was it truly worth it? What did we get? Another half-a-dozen alternate covers. But issue #500 - wouldn't that have been something a lot more special?