A Completist Has His Say

Should you collect all the issues of a title, even if you don't think they all deserve collecting? Well, there's a difficult question.

Back in 1984 I tried to cut down, even stop collecting. Why? Because I could not afford to buy all those comics and they (you all know who "they" are) thought collecting comics was silly. It lasted only 3 weeks, just before the issue I wasn't going to buy any more went of the racks, I got a job teaching math to my fellow students in order to raise money and then I did buy it. Because I knew, someday, I was going to regret it.

There are always two solutions to a problem. A) you do something about it and B) you leave it that way. And of course the A option can be divided into several other solutions. In answer to your question, why not take one step back. You need the shelf space. OK, why don't you fix that in another way? You can always buy more shelves, or, if you have no room for shelves, just throw out the fridge and make shelves there (who needs cold drinks anyway). If that fails, just buy a new house. Yes I know you just moved, you should have thought of this a little earlier...

OK, I'm raving on. But it's what I did, in a way. When living with my parents and my room was filled to the brim with books, I moved out. And 18 years after I started collecting I wish I hadn't begun in the first place... Nah, just kidding, once a completist, always a completist!

Thanks for your time,

Peter Kroon
The Netherlands, Europe
homepage http://www.pecokit.com

PS: And for those of you out there wondering, yes, I do enjoy READING my books!