Moments from Old Funnybooks #1 of 3

"Moments I've Noticed Re-Reading Old Funnybooks (1 of 3)"

This month's moment comes from Amazing Spider-Man #44, January 1967

The Lizard is loose in Manhattan! The evil alter ego of Dr. Curtis Connors decides to rid himself of Spider-Man by scaling the wall of a building, breaking the window of a jewelry wholesaler and robbing the place. Since no one knows that the Lizard exists, the blame will surely fall on Spider-Man.

The plan works. One of the cops at the scene says, "The place was cleaned out! Must be a fortune in gems missing!" A big headline in the Daily Bugle declares, "Spider-Man accused in daring gem theft!" Pete knows he didn't do it so he realizes, "The Lizard! It had to be him!"

So, Spidey goes out and cons the Lizard into revealing himself and his wall-crawling ability so that bystanders will understand that Spidey may be innocent of the robbery.

Okay, quick recap. Cops: "fortune in gems missing". Headline: "daring gem theft". Spidey: "The Lizard! It had to be him!" All of which leads to Spidey's meeting with Mrs. Connors where he decides to come clean and tell her, Curt is "the Lizard once more!" "But", he also tells her, "there's still hope! Far as I know,

he's committed no crime yet! "


Well, I thought it was funny.

Note: This was originally intended to be #1 in a series of 3 moments. I have no idea what happened to the other two.