What Else is Good?

Wanna know what else I'm reading? If you're thinking about trying something other than Spidey, here's my recommendations:

Steampunk: Want a comic you have to read twice? Steampunk is set in a gothic alternate London in the Victorian years. Steam and coal blend with dark mysticism and timeless human nature in this rich and complex story by Chris Bachalo and Joe Kelly. Graphically and textually demanding, this is highly rewarding stuff for those with the desire for something extra in their comic books.

Like Daredevil, Steampunk consistently misses its shipping dates... with good reason. If it isn't ready, it doesn't ship. But when it does arrive, there's as much reading in one issues as there is in some other three-part mini-series. It's worth the wait! Ehem, I should mention, it's from Cliffhanger, which is part of Wildstorm, which of course is part of the Distinguished Competition. Sorry Stan.

Deadpool: You can't get away from the Merc-With-a-Mouth, and the current three part Cruel Summer storyline showcases the new writer - Jimmy Palmiotti. Palmiotti picks up where Joe Kelly left off, and gives us a hard-hitting story of treachery and murder with Deadpool stuck right in the middle. Oh, and the cover art is worth the price of the book by itself.

Daredevil: The Marvel Knights Daredevil, of course - nuff said.

Marvel Knights: I'm just trying this one, because I'm a Moon Knight fan, and a Dagger fan, and a Daredevil fan... and a huge Black Widow fan. I used to be a Punisher fan too, but I left when it got too repetetive. I love the characters, so I'm just going to see if Chuck Dixon can do anything with them.

Second Magik L.S.: I was attracted by the cover art of the new X-Men: Magic Limited Series. I usually run a million miles from anything Mutant these days - you just can't afford to get sucked in. But this looked pretty good... and I've always had a soft spot for Magik (and Kitty Pryde), so I flicked it open. The inside art and storyline looked like quality, and it isn't too bad... so far.